Maronite Formation Program

A religious education program is provided for children in Pre-school through high school. Using the Faith of the Mountain series, the religious education program meets weekly between the liturgies from September through the second week of May. The high school program meets every other week. Included in the series are the following topics: the Trinity, the Holy Mysteries, our Church family, the commandments, Maronite liturgy, the Bible, the Creed, Church history, and the world’s religions. Preparation for first Reconciliation and Eucharist is done in the second grade. The Faith of the Mountain series has been approved by the U.S. Bishops Office of the Catechism.

Grade 1: The Holy Trinity

This grade focuses on God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The text begins by describing who we are as members of the Maronite Church. Woven throughout the year are stories of Maronite saints and holy ones.

Grade 2: Meeting Jesus in the Holy Mysteries

In this grade, the text introduces children to the seven Holy Mysteries and how they can find Jesus in each one. Grade 2 students will prepare for and celebrate their First Reconciliation (during the first semester) and their First Holy Communion (during the month of May). In addition to Sunday morning sessions, children and parents will be required to attend a few additional sessions on Wednesday night.

Grade 3: Our Church Family

The Church is the focus of Grade 3. Students will see that faith grows when we are rooted in Jesus. They will also learn what it means to say that the Church is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Grade 4: Following Jesus

Throughout the fourth grade, students study about Christian morality. Specifically, they will study about right and wrong and the gift of conscience. The text also includes stories of Maronite saints and holy ones who can serve as role models of Christian morality.

Grade 5: The Church’s Liturgy

This year focuses on the Church’s liturgy. (Brief synopsis of the liturgy, its different parts and aspects)

Grade 6: The Bible

Holy Scripture is the focus of the sixth grade. The text begins by giving the students an overview of the Bible as the inspired Word of God. Finally, the students will study the parts of the New Testament dealing with the apostles and first Christians.

Grade 7: The Creed

This year focuses on what we believe as Maronites. The students will discover why faith is important to human happiness and explore what Maronites believe about Trinity.

Grade 8: Our History as Church

The eighth graders will study the history of the Maronite Church. In the first unit, students will connect the Church to the Old and New Covenants. Throughout this level students will examine the history and development of the Maronite Church in the United States since the Second Vatican Council.